Matthew, unplugged.

Nobody does it better.

So, I hear Beyonce is telling anybody who’ll listen that she’s a ‘feminist’.

This is the same Beyonce whose most recent solo tour was labelled the ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ (i.e. ‘My identity is intrinsically linked to my status as Jay Carter’s wife’), right?

The same Beyonce who wrote a pop song about ‘Independent Women’, for a movie about three women whose identities are defined by their subservience to ‘Charlie’, and whose entire lives are devoted to achieving goals that he sets for them?

The same Beyonce who wrote a song about ‘Single Ladies’, whose primary lyrical message seemed to be ‘if you liked her, you should have made her your possession’?

Granted, she largely projects positive body image (let’s temporarily ignore the retouching of Instagram photos and whitewashing of magazine cover shoots), but positive body image loses its feminist relevance if you’re constantly marketing that body as the possession of your rap mogul husband.